Santos Basin Brazil Marine Mammal Surveys

Bio-waves is currently conducting towed hydrophone array surveys and advising our research partners, SocioAmbiental and Ecowaves, who are responsible for conducting baseline surveys and tagging of marine mammals in the Santos Basin, a large marine area off the coast of central Brazil. This region is an active area of oil exploration and production by Petrobras, the national oil company of Brazil, who is sponsoring the project. We have been providing equipment (a towed hydrophone array system), field personnel for this multi-year project and also advising and providing expertise on the passive acoustic data analysis and marine mammal density estimation.

In 2016, we conducted a training course prior to the project and also provided experienced field personnel to train Brazilian biologists and technicians. If you are interested in similar services including training field technicians, development of customized hardware and software or consulting for data-analysis please contact us.

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