Bio-Waves has been involved in the conservation biology since its beginnings, but recently we have become focused on this important area of research in order to have a greater impact. We believe that we can have a significant impact on conservation biology by developing and applying new technologies and methods, such as passive acoustic monitoring, to conservation issues in the marine environment. We are especially interested in improving the ease-of-use, decreasing costs, and lowering barriers for adopting new technologies, so that they can be used by researchers working on marine conservation issues in underdeveloped countries.  We also provide training and expert consultation to researchers working on conservation projects, as well as assisting with securing funding for researchers in underdeveloped countries.  We currently have projects in Asia and South America, and are planning to start more projects soon in Latin America. Our current focus is on endangered species of marine mammal inmarine protected areas and UNESCO bio-sphere reserves, such as the Kien Gang Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam, and the Revillagigedo Islands archipelago biospehere reserve, Mexico.  Please contact us if you have an interest in working with us or using our low-cost technologies, passive acosutic methods, data-analysis, or need training in the use of bioacoustic methods for conservation research.