Bio-waves has extensive experience with monitoring marine mammals using the latest in passive acoustic technologies, including towed hydrophone arraysautonomous recorderssonobuoys, and other systems. We have conducted these in remote areas such as the Arctic and volcanic islands and seamounts in the Pacific. We can design and implement monitoring plans or just assist with specific technologies or services . We are currently designing a new autonomous recorders system with localization and real-time capabilities. Please see our project pages for many examples of monitoring projects we have conducted.


Bio-Waves is currently developing new technologies to improve mitigation methods. Together with or partners as UCSD’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) and St. Andrews University’s Sea Mammal Research Unit, we are developing a three-dimensional towed hydrophone array system that will be fully digital and allow for more precise localization of marine mammals for mitigation purposes. Bio-Waves also will be participating in a Canadian sponsored project to evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of mitigation methods (passive acoustic monitoring, visual methods, Infrared), in order to determine which work best for different species and conditions. If you require state-of-the art mitigation technologies and services, please contact us.

Data Analysis

Bio-Waves, Inc. provides a variety of data analysis services to organizations in both the public and private sector. Our researchers analyze both large and small acoustic datasets, collected from a variety platforms and devices including towed hydrophone arrays, single hydrophones from dipping hydrophones, fixed hydrophones and autonomous recorders. We also have experience analyzing tag data. We use a suite of acoustic-processing and analytical programs such as PAMGuard, Ishmeal, Osprey (now part of Ishmael), and Matlab-based programs and algorithms (e.g. Triton). We have also developed our own algorithms in Matlab or Java (such as SonarFinder and ROCCA) to aid in the detection and identification of various anthropogenic and marine mammal sounds. Using these tools, we can provide our clients with detailed information about the presence and absence of marine mammals in a dataset. Our scientists and engineers have developed software packages that allow us to automatically detect and classify a variety of marine mammal species in acoustic recordings, identify which species are present, extract and analyze the calls and whistles of many species, and identify periods during which there is active sonar. Information about some of the programs we have developed can be found here. If you are interested in learning more about our data analysis services, please contact us.

Study Design and Planning

Bio-Waves can provide expertise in the experimental design, planning, and other aspects of properly designing a study, monitoring plan, or research project. We have experience with designing acoustic-line-transect surveys of marine mammals, passive acoustic monitoring plans, and customized hardware and software development for specific projects. We also have a network of colleagues who are experts in related fields such as biostatistics, signal processing, and underwater acoustics, who can assist with specific aspects of project design and planning. Please contact us for more information.